July 11, 2023

What is an Owner's Rep?

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Permits. Materials sourcing. Decisions. Change orders. Delayed supplies. More decisions. Staffing shortages. Budget questions. Dealing with contractors. Subcontractor availability. Insurance. Unexpected issues. And did we mention decisions? If you’ve ever dealt with building a home, or even a home remodel, you know that a construction project can quickly turn from feeling exciting to feeling intimidating.

Now imagine the complexity involved if the house is actually a 20,000 square foot law office that has to seamlessly transition between collaboration for colleagues and confidentiality for clients? Or an indoor cannabis growing facility where the temperature, light, airflow, and layout need to be perfect 24/7 for your investment to grow and for your business to function?

WIth large-scale construction projects, the scope is larger and the stakes are higher. A million things could go wrong, and oftentimes, they do. A 2021 survey of over 500 owners by Procore and IDC indicated that 75% of owners were over planned budgets on their project and 77% of those projects were late – by an average of 70 days.

This is why owner’s representatives exist.

What is an owner’s rep?

An owner’s representative – or owner’s rep  – is the person responsible for making a construction project happen. The owner’s rep serves its purpose by filling two major roles: as an advisor throughout the course of the whole project, and as the client's advocate, making sure that everyone is working together towards the common goal of delivering a facility – be it a daycare center or a data center – that exceeds expectations. In short, their job is to manage all the moving parts so the owner doesn’t have to.

Why do you need an owner’s rep?

How long a commercial construction project might take depends almost entirely on the size and scope of the build, but most take several months, or nearly a year – sometimes more. All the decisions that need to be made along the way are time consuming, stressful, and yes, sometimes even tedious. Cost overruns are common. Delays are constant. Making the wrong choices could have catastrophic consequences. E.g. Restaurant owner who was deported while waiting for construction to finish.

An owner’s rep has experience with everything the client needs. Everything from planning and design to construction and closeout. They provide guidance to the client on a wide range of issues, such as budgeting, scheduling, design, and construction methods. Owner’s reps liaise with the complex web of architects, subcontractors, inspectors, government agencies, and suppliers, connecting dots, clarifying information, catching mistakes. One centralized person in charge of keeping a watchful eye on everything, so the client can focus on their business, not their build. The result is less stress and more successful projects.

Why J2H?

Serving as an owner’s representative is our specialty at J2H Partners. We’ve spent decades helping clients with a diverse range of construction projects, ranging from hospitality, industrial and manufacturing, retail, commercial, and mission critical facilities. We probably haven’t seen it all, but we have seen a lot, and we know how to handle it because we’ve spent years on the owner's side of projects just like these. The members of our team have been owners, tenants, landlords, and developers. Our team harnesses all of the wisdom and expertise (and war stories) that come from those experiences to ensure that our clients receive the best possible guidance and support. You can expect us to treat your projects, capital, and resources like our own – it’s what we do for clients every day. We’re proud of our track record and nothing matters more to us than serving our clients, saving them time and money, and setting the highest possible bar of their expectations. 

"We couldn't have done it without J2H Partners. They truly acted like a part of our internal team and could not have provided a better client experience." - Brian Laffey, CFO, CompTia

Not sure whether you need an owner’s rep? Reach out and let us know what type of project you have in mind. Our experienced team is ready to help in any way we can.