Are you in the cannabis industry or looking to enter the market? Here’s your blueprint for cultivating success in the years to come.

We understand the unique challenges our cannabis industry clients face in designing and building their cultivation, processing, and retail facilities. We’re sharing our findings and insights from our recent work, and our top considerations for cannabis businesses across the spectrum.

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Preparing for your next cannabis build

The U.S. cannabis market is growing at a rapid rate — it’s estimated to reach over $31.8 billion in annual sales by the end of this year, with the potential to grow as high as $50.7 billion in annual sales by 2028.

Without a doubt,  it’s an exciting market to be in. But there are many considerations, regulations, and decisions to be made in this highly competitive industry, and the perils of going into business without the right knowledge, the right partners, and the right business model are hard to ignore.

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National reach

As the legalization of cannabis expands across the U.S., our team's experience in the industry continues to grow. To date, we have helped our clients with the planning, design or construction of more than 50 cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail facilities — on both the east and west coasts.

We manage every step of the process, from site selection, design management, permitting, vendor coordination, table/racking, lighting, water treatment, and fertigation to HVAC & control systems, contractor bidding, construction management, network, security, and IT implementation. With our support, your next facility can come to life without the headache of having to manage all of the moving parts yourself.

Current/Future Site Locations
"J2H Partners are the best of the best in the owner’s representation, design, and construction project management – they are well versed in the cannabis space, and I would hesitate to complete a cultivation, processing, or dispensary buildout without them."
- Sarah Stretchberry, Chief Operating Officer, ApptitudePlus

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